Samsung Galaxy A52 User Guide and Manual Instructions PDF

The Galaxy A52 User Guide has some information to help you use this device easily. South Korean giant Samsung was serious about launching the Galaxy A family. This is because the lineup accounts for the majority of sales.


To hit the market, Samsung offered this device with competitive features, high-profile branding, but at a reasonable price. Samsung A52 is a true smartphone with a strong value you cannot ignore. Once you have this device, you can use the Galaxy A52 user guide to help you.

samsung galaxy a52s user guide

Official Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52s user guide download

This Samsung Galaxy A52 User Guide contains complete instructions on how to use your device. If you’re looking for a traditional manual, this is it. You can use this user guide for the Galaxy A52 to make using your smartphone easier. You can download according to the model number and your language in this site.

Touch Screen Error

Anytime you have trouble using this phone, such as it is less sensitive for the touch screen, then you can follow this guideline. Please note that it is good to check the phone’s software and the applications. Make sure that the applications are up to date with the latest version.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Head to Settings. After that, go to Software update.
  • Tap on the Download and install.
  • You just have to follow the instructions displayed on your phone.

If you wonder why the touch screen is less sensitive on Galaxy A52, it can be because of the attachments. For example, attaching screen protectors may affect the sensitivity of the touch screen. It is also about the small stickers or protective labels that will decrease the touch sensitivity.

In this case, you need to remove the attachment. After that, you can check the function of the touch screen again. If it works, it means that your phone has no serious problem. It is all about the accessories you attached.

How to Enable the Touch Sensitivity Feature

The touch Sensitivity feature helps you a lot to increase the sensitivity level to your touch screen even if you are using a screen protector. If you think that the touch screen is less sensitive once you use the screen protector, here is the instruction to follow. By following the guideline below, you will activate the Touch Sensitivity feature:

  • Head to the Settings. After that, you can choose the Display menu.
  • Continue by finding and tapping on the switch, this way will help you activate the Touch Sensitivity.

How to Use Auto-Sync Feature

The Auto-sync feature may disable for the Gallery app, so you need to enable it first. This way will help you sync all videos and photos to OneDrive. If you already use a OneDrive account, here is the complete instruction:

  • Head to the Gallery app. After that, you can choose the menu icon (three horizontal lines), located at the bottom of this device.
  • Choose the Settings icon.
  • Tap on the switch Sync with OneDrive to turn it on. Now, your phone will sync the gallery videos and photos with OneDrive.

If you have any problem using the Galaxy A52 User Guide, it is okay that you can contact the office by using the Samsung Members application. By using this way, it helps you take a closer look, and if you find any error, you can send the report through the Samsung Members app.

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