How to Show Battery Percentage On Galaxy A52

In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to show battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy A52. We all agree that the most crucial element of the Samsung Galaxy A52 is the battery. It determines the duration of the device’s work.

When you want to know the battery information, you can check out the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy A52 for example it displays the sign during charging, depleting, or others to help you monitor the battery status.


battery percentage on galaxy a52

The question is can you get the complete information like the exact level of the battery life? To answer this question, you need to try the tutorial showing the battery percentage on this device.


Method 1 – Show Battery Percentage on Galaxy A52 Using Notification Bar

Just like other Android devices based on the Android 6 or later, Galaxy A52 is possible to display the charge level as an icon with percentages, such as 50%, 75%, and others. To help you show the battery percentage on this device, you must swipe down at the top of the screen. After that, you will open the notification bar and the information about the charge level will appear. However, this is not a convenient solution.

It is because every time you want to see the exact charge for the battery percentage, you need to lower the notification bar of your Samsung Galaxy A52. For this reason, it is better to go and find an alternative solution to show battery percentage on Galaxy A52.


Method 2 – Using Settings

This method surely will allow you to make percentages of the battery at any time. It is very easy to how the percentage of the battery by using the instructions here.

To start, you need to open the settings, the gear icon on your device, Galaxy A52. After that, you can continue to the battery section of the device. Once done, here you need to open the remaining battery percentage, and then you have to enable the slider there.


This method is 100% work if you just updated the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G to Android 9 or later. However, if you are using the old operating system, of course, it can show a different algorithm. Therefore, you need to do it another way.

First, you have to lower the notification bar and then choose the Settings gear icon. After that, hold the icon for a few seconds. After five seconds, Samsung Galaxy A52 will direct you to the Settings icon.

Here, you can see the notification that tells you if your device has added System UI Tuner to the Settings. For this reason, you have unlocked the advanced options. To continue, you must go to the System UI Tuner and then choose the status bar item. In this step, you need to click on the battery function and enable the battery percentage at the status bar. This way will help you a lot to show battery percentage on Galaxy A52. Please note that if you are using modified names, some items are different.

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