Factory Reset Galaxy A52 Easy Method for Everyone

Follow this tutorial to get some useful information about how to clean data and then factory reset Galaxy A52. The Galaxy A52 comes out with snappy and fast design performance. However, by the time you are using it, this phone with good specifications may have trouble such as it does not respond.

Other than that, this device becomes slow because it has a lot of caches, and when it keeps happening again and again, it is time to factory reset Galaxy A52.

factory reset galaxy a52

Tutorial to Wipe Data and Factory Reset Galaxy A52

Samsung Galaxy A52 comes with some great features for its price tag. However, by the time you are using it, the system may slow down or the performance is not at its top again. Therefore, it is important to do a factory reset. It means that you will lose everything on this device, including outdated data and junk that decrease the performance of your device.

Once you have completed this operation, your phone will be like a fast new phone as it was before. Another issue that may happen is a boot loop and you can use this method to wipe the data. Your Android device will go into a boot loop when you install a custom ROM that is different from the old ROM. Wiping data is the only solution to answer this matter.

Factory Reset from Settings

This is a popular method since you do not have to turn off your device. What you must do is to check out the Settings menu. After that, select the option to delete everything.

  1. Unlock the device and then open the Settings.
  2. Scroll down and then choose General Management. After that, select Reset.
  3. From all the available options, you can tap on the Factory data reset. Your device will list all files to delete and applications that your device will uninstall.
  4. Select Reset.

This tutorial will clean everything inside your device, including system applications, Google account, music, installed apps, pictures, and others.

Factory Reset Samsung A52 – Recovery Mode

In this tutorial, you have to go to the Recovery mode to wipe data and to start a factory reset. This is a useful solution when your phone stops working and is stuck in the boot loop.

  1. Press and then hold the power button on your device, and then press the power off.
  2. Once the device is turned off, press and then hold the volume up and power keys simultaneously. Hold and keep pressing the keys until your device displays the Samsung boot logo.
  3. Now, you are entering the recovery mode and you can see many options. Again, press the volume up and down keys on your Galaxy A52. This way will highlight the wipe data/factory reset. And then, press the power button to choose the factory reset on your device.
  4. Your device will notify you and ask for your confirmation because you will lose all data on your device when you are performing this operation. You can highlight Yes by using the volume keys and then press the power button to choose it.

When you do a factory reset Galaxy A52, it is important to note that you will lose all your data. Once the reset process is completed, you have to restart this device. It will boot up and it will be like a brand new device without any data.

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