Flashlight Brightness On Galaxy A52 Can be Adjusted by Secret Hack

It makes you feel uncomfortable when you are using a torch but you do not have any idea to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A52. The torch makes it too bright or too dark. In this tutorial, you will find the complete guideline on how to adjust the brightness of the flashlight on this device.

Using The Flashlight on Samsung Galaxy A52

We all know that a torch or a flashlight is very important to support especially during a power outage. But now, you can use your device, Galaxy A52 as a flashlight with the powerful feature. Samsung designed it with integrated settings to help you easily access it at any time.

flashlight brightness on galaxy a52

The flashlight feature in this device is using the camera LED. This is a nice decision because it provides a bright light that will also illuminate the surrounding area. If you want to know how to use the flashlight, simply tap on the Quick settings panel. Here, you have to swipe down from the top of your device’s screen. To do this on Samsung Galaxy A52, you have to use two fingers. To continue the process, tap on the flashlight icon, and the light will be on or off.
It depends on the setup that you have to swipe right to check the flashlight icon. Alternatively, it is possible to rearrange the button order or add the icons to the panel based on your preference.

How to Adjust Flashlight Brightness On Galaxy A52

Sometimes you want the flashlight to go brighter or dimmer. But right now, it is incredible if you are using Galaxy A52 since you can adjust the brightness level of the flashlight.
To start using this feature, it is very easy that you can even try on your Galaxy A52. First of all, you have to go to the quick settings panel. To open this feature, swipe down from the top of the screen by using your two fingers.
To continue the step, tap on the Flashlight word located below the flashlight icon on Samsung Galaxy A52. Anytime you want to turn on the flashlight, you have to tap the switch. After that, you just have to move the slider on the flashlight to start adjusting the brightness level. Once done, you just have to tap on Finish.
If you have a question that the brightness slider is gray out, it means that the flashlight is off. You need to turn it on first.


That is all the complete tutorial on how to adjust flashlight brightness on Samsung Galaxy A52. Now you can use this device as your good emergency kit anytime you want to use a flashlight. Well, a flashlight has a vital role especially for survival as well. It is much safer compared to use exposed candles.
Your Galaxy A52 is more than just providing the best light for you. When you go outside, including camping or hunting animals, it also can provide the best light at the best level since you can adjust the brightness.

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