Use Galaxy A52 As A Charger Complete Hacks from Samsung Devices

Use Galaxy A52 as a charger, is that possible? Well, there is a Wireless PowerShare feature that lets you change your device to another phone. But, it is important to note that this feature does not exist on Galaxy A52. It also means that you cannot use this device as a charger for other devices.

Wireless PowerShare allows you to change your device to another Samsung device as long as you place both devices with their backs against each other. Even you can use this feature for Galaxy Buds. Simply, you can leave the case on the back of your device, and then it will start charging. You will get a notification tone once the devices have connected.

galaxy a52 as a charger

Can You Use Galaxy A52 As A Charger?

Unlike Samsung Galaxy A52, Galaxy S10 has this feature so that you can use the device as a charger to share power with another device. Using this feature is easy because you have to charge the device first before starting sharing the power. If the battery level goes down to 30%, this feature will not work.

Another device from Samsung with this feature is Galaxy S21. This device has reverse wireless charging that lets you use wireless power-sharing. The feature is not a new thing because Samsung also used this feature for S10 models.

All About Galaxy A52 Features

Although you cannot use Galaxy A52 as a charger, there are some interesting features you could find in this device. First of all, Samsung supports it with the interesting details of the FHD+ Super AMOLED display. It also has Eye Comfort Shield to reduce the blue light. If you want to enjoy the view smoothly, it also comes with a Super Smooth feature for the gaming experience.

Enjoy the comfortable and sleek design of Galaxy A52 5G with its seamless look. The camera has a minimal style that offers a matte finish on its back for its unibody and iconic design. Additionally, you can express your style with the presence of four color options: Awesome violet, Awesome White, Awesome Black, and Awesome Blue.

Samsung Galaxy A52 camera and video performance

Furthermore, Galaxy A52 5G also has a multi-lens camera system that lets you take photos to a new level. The ultra-high-resolution camera provides 64MP for the main camera and it has an OIS system to create crisp and clear photos. Even better, there is an Ultra Wide Camera to expand your viewing angle. Other than that, there is a Depth Camera feature to adjust the focus or use the Macro Camera to get closer to details.

It is the time to say goodbye to all blurry videos or photos. The use of OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) is a useful way to stabilize the shots to keep the motion smooth. Even you can enjoy the crisp pictures and videos even though it is low light. The camera offers more light to provide more brightness on the low-light shots.


That is all the complete information about whether or not you can use galaxy A52 as a charger. If you have more questions about this feature, you can leave your comment in this post.

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