Galaxy A52 Battery Capacity & Charging Speed Review

Galaxy A52 battery capacity gives you a nice option. Samsung decided to pack a 4,500 mAh battery for Galaxy A52 to complete the body. This 8.4mm, 189-gram smartphone has lower battery life than Galaxy A32. But, it is also a nice improvement from the 4,000 mAh battery of the newest A51.

galaxy a52 battery

Galaxy A52 is a new smartphone with high refresh rate displays. One of the best ways to know the performance of Galaxy A52 Battery Capacity is the on-screen video. Other than that, it is about using web browsing testing.

Starting from the default 90Hz “High Smoothness” mode, Galaxy A52 has 105 hours of endurance for battery testing. It meets your expectation because the battery size also supports the OLED panel and the chipset, Snapdragon 760G. Another example is Realme 7 Pro that offers similar hardware to Galaxy A52 and it has a 60Hz display, not a 90Hz.

With the addition of a 90Hz panel on the Samsung Galaxy A52, the power goes from 60Hz to 90Hz and it is not too much since it works on a modern OLED panel. When using this device to playback a 90Hz of offline video, the device takes a lot of battery life. However, you can minimize the battery performance when you switch it to a 60Hz video. The web browser delta is smaller, and it is sensible because the device is adjusting the refresh rate, there is no connection to WiFi modem power consumption.

Galaxy A52 Charging Speed

Samsung included a tested and true 15W Adaptive fast charging adaptor using the old style of USB type A to type C. This is the best step for the company to cut the production cost. Even better, this device supports 25W PD charging performance. However, you have to buy the 25W PD first separately.

Samsung with its slogan “Awesome is for everyone” especially for Galaxy A52. The battery performance and charging speed make this device hard to ignore. The Korean giant does not want to play around. If you think that it is not enough to get this device after seeing the Galaxy A52 battery capacity, then you go with the Samsung Galaxy A32 4G with its higher battery capacity of 5,000 mAh. The alternative is Galaxy A72 because it also has the same 5,000 mAh battery capacity but with a dedicated telephoto snapper for 8MP.


To sum up, let us say that Samsung has a nice way to play the game. Especially, when it comes to their mid-range smartphones. This year, they have an impressive play by presenting the Galaxy A72 and A52 with many good things. The highlight is the 5G variants, but the basic Galaxy A52 is a good idea to offer an affordable smartphone to the market.

It is not something too much to say that the features of the Galaxy A52 are the first thing that makes the device is unrivaled for its price. There are many good things, including the Galaxy A52 battery capacity.

It offers a 90Hz smooth and bright AMOLED display, solid stereo speaker setup, IP67 certification, and 3.5mm jack. The quad-camera has a good setup and the battery 4,500mAh is respectable.

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