Galaxy A52 Display with AMOLED Display Make the Display Brighter

Galaxy A52 Display has a solid design with some notable changes from the previous models. This year, Samsung is not only working for the A52 but also the A32 and A72. It is hard to ignore that Samsung offered many products at an affordable price and that is the first reason why it is always interesting to wait for all good news from this Korean giant.

galaxy a52 display

Even to make a debut for the Galaxy A family, Samsung offers a high refresh rate and they do not limit it only for a device. All aforementioned models have smooth 90Hz panels which is a new feature to steal your attention. Now, users will get the new offer from Samsung that is a 6.5-inch AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy A52 AMOLED Display

The new Galaxy A52 display makes this device is more than just having a faster panel, but it has a brighter display. Samsung features it with sunlight brightness on A52 by adding 800 nits. Besides, the A52 is perfect for outdoor usage, even if in sunny weather.

When it comes to the colors, Samsung adds two profiles on Galaxy A52. Those are vivid and natural. Vivid is the default profile and it has a color tone slider and customizable white point. As a great generation with a fast and bright panel design, of course, there is still one thing to know. Its HDR capabilities need an improvement.

On the contrary, this phone has a Widevine L1 feature so that you can use it for some services such as Netflix that offers FullHD resolution. It is also good to know that Samsung supports GalaxyA52 with blue light protection, or it is popular as Eye comfort shield. This device can adjust the colors gradually. Other than that, it is possible to schedule a dark mode as you need.

Like a modern smartphone, Samsung Galaxy A52 also comes with a high refresh rate, which is 90 Hz. This addition makes the device much perfect to answer the market. Even more, this device has good responsiveness and smoothness, especially when you scroll it.

Samsung A52 Display Settings

Among some notable changes, Samsung Galaxy A52 has a new highlight that is the lock screen with a wellbeing widget. Without unlocking your device, you can keep track of the time you have spent using your phone. Even so, Samsung Galaxy A52 has more simplified display settings.

The best way to unlock the phone is by using the fingerprint reader added to the display. This feature is more convenient in some situations. Additionally, there is a face unlock, a feature that lets your phone scans your face to unlock your device. This feature is less safe because it relies on the selfie camera.

In conclusion, the Galaxy A52 Display has a high refresh rate which makes it the perfect rival for Xiaomi for its price. Other than that, Samsung A52 has a tight battle with the Poco F3 with the same price range as A52, but it offers more features such as a powerful Snapdragon 870 chipset and a faster AMOLED display with 120Hz.

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