Galaxy A52 Features Unboxing and Review

Galaxy A52 features are competitive. Galaxy A series recently come out with a nice diversity. As a Korean manufacturer, they have a big effort to make sure that all Galaxy A families can survive on the market. It is an important step for the company because the product is the largest portion of the sales.

galaxy a52 features unboxing review

To repeat the same success, the company has to complete the features at a reasonable price. Samsung needs to complete Galaxy A52 as a model that can shine and bright on its market. Moreover, the starting price of this device is €349 and you will get a 4GB/128GB model. Meanwhile, if you need the 5G model, you have to spend at least €430.

Samsung Galaxy A52 features-styling

Samsung has a big effort to make sure that their Galaxy A52 is desirable. What they do is more than just to think of the proposition but on how to make it visually impressive. For this reason, the company adds some improvements such as adding a new style. Also, this device is clear; to complete the demand of young Gen-Z.

The real panel is the main highlight of its design. Now, you can find the Galaxy A52 has a soft yet silky finish. Moreover, there are some color options available; Awesome Black, Awesome Violet, Awesome White, and Awesome Blue.

Samsung adds the word “Awesome” because it is part of their marketing slogan. When you hold the phone, you can feel the smooth and rubbery design, but a little bit silky. Additionally, the rear panel has a particular look and the angle has a more aggressive design compared to the predecessor.

For the camera island, Samsung designs Galaxy A52 a little bit similar to the previous model, that is Galaxy A51. Meanwhile, the accents of this device will remind you of Galaxy Note 20.

When it comes to the construction and the materials, Galaxy A52 has a well-made design. Even though the device is a little bit thicker if you compare it to the predecessor. Additionally, the device is a little bit heavier, with a weight that reaches 189 grams. The middle frame of this device is plastic and it goes the same for the rear panel.

It is nice to know that Samsung completes the display with Gorilla Glass 5 since they upgraded it from the predecessor, the Gorilla Glass 3.

Samsung A52 in the box

Galaxy A52 features are not the only thing you should know. This phone has a two-piece package with a simple look, not plastic, but thick and rigid paper. For the accessories, the company includes a charger, as well as the Type-A variety. Even there are a few leaflets.

It is a nice thing to know that Galaxy A52 comes with up to 25W charging, but what you will get is the basic unit, which is 15W charging.


That is all you should know when it comes to the Galaxy A52 Features. Overall, this device has more improvements that will make it better than its predecessor. With those improvements, it is worth having this device for its affordable price.

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