Galaxy A52 Price Mid range And Performance

Galaxy A52 Price is not the cheapest, but this phone is one of the A-series Galaxy devices with high specifications. The company offers this phone with a starting price of $499, and there are some good extras. Moreover, Samsung completes this phone with a 6.5-inch screen and it has a fast refresh rate that is 120Hz.

galaxy a52 price

To start, Samsung adds a Snapdragon 750 G processor along with 6GB RAM for A52 5G. As the result, it can handle heavier tasks including JavaScript for web pages. However, it takes a little bit of time to open the camera app, especially from the lock screen.

Galaxy A52- Performance and Screen

The previous model makes the A52 5G stands out. It comes with an OLED panel in size of 6.5-inch and it has 1080p of resolution. This way makes the OLED panel has a bright, rich, and lovely.

Additionally, it has velvety smoothness because Samsung supports it with a refresh rate of 120Hz. As the result, you can use this phone at a fast refresh rate anytime you swipe between opening applications, home screens, and scrolling through social media.

Not only the Galaxy A52 Price, but also the next interesting part of this device is the battery life. Samsung completes it with a 4,500 mAh battery which makes A52 can last for a day. It is not a matter at all if you use it for two full days because you forget to charge it overnight. This battery life is the best part of the feature, of course.

The problem you may face is the in-display optical fingerprint sensor. You may need to spend more time just to try. If it becomes trouble for you, then it is better to go back to the old method. It means you need a PIN to lock or unlock your device. Furthermore, Samsung designs this device with Android 11, and that is a nice thing to know.


There are three cameras you can find at the rear part of this device, including the depth sensor with the capability of 5mp. There is a standard wide camera added to perform 64-mp shots with the support of OIS, ultrawide camera 12-mp, and a macro camera 5-mp. At the front of this device, there is a selfie camera with 32mp.

Speaking of the main camera, it can generate 16-mp of standard photos, with the very saturated and bright colors that you can expect. It looks pleasant but it can be too much for some people, depends on their taste. The last thing to know is about the camera sensor that can capture lots of nice details in good lighting even though it is in very low lighting conditions.


In conclusion, Galaxy A52 Price is reasonable. It is because you will have a great phone with a nice screen and a fast refresh rate. The stabilized main camera also has a good quality. Samsung also supports it with security updates for four years. However, it is not what you like if you cannot deal with the plastic body, pre-downloaded apps and software included ads, and photos have unnatural saturation.

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