Galaxy A52 Specification and Release Date

Galaxy A52 Specification will answer the coming of Apple’s phones. As an offensive action, Samsung is releasing three new phones that are Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, and the last is Galaxy A72. Samsung completes this phone with some nice features such as Snapchat filters for the native camera app and music-sharing customization.

galaxy a52 specification

Besides, this mid-range smartphone will be less expensive. The goal is to make sure that people do not have to spend a lot of cash. This way will answer the mobile industry competition. Samsung has Galaxy A range which is popular as the low-budget phones from Samsung.

Galaxy A52 Specification and Rivals

The goal of Samsung producing A-lines is because they have a Galaxy S lineup. It is a more expensive line that becomes very popular on its market. Additionally, the coming of Galaxy A52 is to take their position back as the top smartphone company in the world. As you know that Apple took this position in 2020 once they released the new iPhone 12 with 5G.

The coming of Galaxy A52, A52 5G, and A72 is an upgrade from the previous Galaxy A51 and A71. Meanwhile, the A52 5G becomes a superfast phone because it is using 5G internet. As for the price, it is about $150 for retail. Therefore, the price is more affordable compared to Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini.

Samsung A52 and Improvements

The South Korean reputable manufacturer, Samsung, mentions that the new phones have some improvements to make them better than their predecessors. You can see the difference between the camera, screen, and battery life.

The A52 has a bright display in size of 6.5-inch. On the other hand, the A72 comes with a panel in size of 6.7-inch. Samsung also supports the Galaxy A52 5G with a refresh rate in size of 120Hz. This feature allows you to scroll the device seamlessly. The entry model, Galaxy A52 has this feature, as well.

Moreover, Samsung has the answer to prevent eye strain. One of the best ways is to complete the phone with the capability to display the color temperature automatically, depends on the way you use the phone. Even better, there is a music-sharing setting. This feature allows users to sync their phone to their mate’s device and connect it to a Bluetooth speaker. This way will make them create a link directly via a speaker.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Release Date

Up to now, there is no valid information from Samsung when it comes to the release date of Galaxy A52. They only say that the international release for this new phone is sometime in April by hitting the U.S. market first.

Paolo Pescatore as the tech, media, and telco analyst from PP Foresight explains that the new lineup will be a great weapon for Samsung to hit the market. It is because Samsung has a great commitment to improving the features and the performance of this device.

Those are all things you should know about the Galaxy A52 Specification. You can keep up with everything with us to follow the updates related to this device.

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