Screen Record Galaxy A52 Easy Tutorial for Beginners

If you are searching for a tutorial on how to screen record Samsung Galaxy A52, we give you the answer here. Samsung designed their phone with One UI 2 or above along with the new feature; Screen recorder and screenshot. This way will give you a better experience when you are using their device. Now, you can record funny videos, gameplay, and others.

screen record samsung galaxy a52

The screen recorder is available for Galaxy A52 5g, A32 5G, S10, S21, S20, Note10, and Note20. If you need the complete tutorial to use the screen record on Galaxy A52, here is what you need to read. Keep in mind that the screen record cannot record VOIP calls, phone, or video calls. Even more, some apps are possible to block the screen record feature for copyright restrictions.

How to Record Your Samsung Galaxy A52 Screen

Well, you do not have to use third-party apps to screen record Galaxy A52 using this feature. It allows you to record everything on your screen display. Eventually, it is possible for you to use the front camera anytime you want to record yourself whilst video recording.

Even better, you can access screen recordings in the gallery, or the My Files application. To do so, tap the internet storage and then select the DCIM folder.

  1. Access the quick settings panel. Simply, use your two fingers to swipe down your device from the top of the screen. After that, select the Screen recorder. If there is no screen recorder icon there, it is possible to add this feature to your quick settings panel.
  2. Select the desired choice such as Media Sounds, No sound, Media sounds, and mic, and after that choose Start recording.
  3. Once the countdown completes, your device will record anything on the display.
  4. If you want to add yourself to the screen display, you need to use the front-facing camera. After that, choose the Front camera icon. Your Samsung Galaxy A52 will display a small window in the upper left corner. It records you and everything you do.
  5. For more fun, it is possible to write anything on the screen whilst recording. To do so, use the Pencil icon, choose your favorite color and use the S pen or your finger to write on the display screen. Doing this means you will have no interaction with videos, games, or navigational options.
  6. If you want to stop drawing, then you need to tap on the Pencil icon. After that, turn off this feature, the screen will go back to normal. Now, you can record as you want.
  7. When you think that the recording is enough, tap on the stop icon. This way will make your device saves the video in the gallery automatically.


Well, that is the complete tutorial on how to screen record Galaxy A52. Screen recorders are a helpful feature that will help you record tutorial videos or something you do on your device step by step. By using this feature to create a video tutorial, it makes your tutorial is easy to follow. You also have the freedom to create anything you need. Hopefully, this tutorial about screen recorders for Galaxy A52 can help!

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