Best Tutorial to Use Split Screen On Galaxy A52 You Must Read

Two applications are better than one, and a split-screen on Galaxy A52 is what you need when you are tired of switching one to another apps. This feature is useful that allows you to alternate between two different applications, adjust the display size, and then copy the information from one to another apps. On top of that, App pairs and App edge will increase the multitasking performance.

Well, if you are a beginner, it is important to complete the tutorial. The screen and settings could be different, depends on the wireless carrier, phone model, or software version.

split screen on galaxy a52

Tutorial to Use Split Screen on Galaxy A52

If you are doing your Math homework, you will need a calculator. Thankfully, you do not have to select between the two applications. It is possible to use a calculator while watching the video and use Multi Window to solve this issue.

Anytime you want to access the Multi Window, you can open the first app. After that, tap on Recent at the left of the home button. You need to choose the desired application icon. Continue by choosing Open in the split-screen view.

Doing this will make your device pin the app at the top of the window. To continue the process of using split screen on Galaxy A52, you need to open the second app located in the bottom window. It is also easy to do; open the app you want from the list at the left. To see more options, choose the Apps icon located at the bottom of this list. After that, your device will display the second app under the first application.

That is all the complete tutorial on using the split-screen feature for your Samsung Galaxy A52. Please keep in mind that not all applications on your device can support this feature.

How to Close the Split Screen Feature

Now, you want to give a break to this split-screen feature and you want to go back to its normal view; just one app. Well, it is very easy to do so.

Here, you just have to tap the home button. By doing this, it will close these applications completely out on your home screen and then leave these apps together in the recent apps.

Using Picture-in-Picture

Now, if you are watching a video on fullscreen while using maps, you can choose the Home key. Doing this will help you display the Picture-in-picture window at the corner of the screen. You can choose and then drag the window as you want. Picture-in-picture is active by default on the select apps. If you want to check out the applications that you can use in this feature, it is easy.

What you need to do is to swipe down from your Notification bar. After that, choose the Settings gear icon and then choose Apps. After that, you need to tap on the menu icon and then select Special access. You will see Picture-in-Picture, select it. You will see the list of applications you can use for this feature.

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