Stop Pop Ups On Galaxy A52 Complete Guideline

Today, we are going to share with you a full guideline to stop pop-ups on Samsung Galaxy A52. Well, sometimes you just see pop-up ads or banners with the affiliate offer. At first, it is okay for you but by the time, it keeps popping up that you cannot tolerate it anymore.

Additionally, pop-ups on this device can bring a negative impact to your experience of using the Samsung Galaxy A52. For this reason, it is possible to disable the ads on this device manually or automatically. These methods help you a lot to reduce the ad banners and even clean them all from your device.

Why Pop-Ups Appear?

Affiliate offers are one of the crucial methods to make money for mobile application or website developers. However, the pop-ups may show up when you are using a separate program, including a browser. Of course, you have to fix this matter as soon as possible because it is a real matter.

This problem happens because you just allowed the app or the site to send notifications. Also, you did not notice when you have given the permission. It is because the developers played everything so well to hide that they have activated the pop-ups on Galaxy A52 for advertisement purposes.

stop pop ups on galaxy a52

Best Methods to Stop Pop Ups On Galaxy A52

If you do not have enough time to remove the pop-ups on your device, you can use some special software for Samsung Galaxy A52.

  1. Antivirus

Antivirus programs are what you need to protect smartphones, especially from potential virus activity. A device with advertising banners that pops up also means that virus has attacked your device. Of course, your device has a hidden file in the memory to display the ads.

To solve this matter, you need to download antivirus first, such as Kaspersky or Dr. Web from Google Play. Once you have launched the app, you need to start the check-up. This way will remove the matter, including the functionality.

  1. Ads Blocker

If you want to stop pop-ups on Galaxy A52 because you have granted permission for the ads to display on the screen, it means that using an antivirus is something useless. Therefore, you have to choose other solutions to stop the pop-ups on this device. What we mean here is a blocker such as Adguard.

Adguard is a third-party app that you can download from Google Play. Download it first and then install it. Once you launched the app, you can enable the protection on Samsung Galaxy A52. Additionally, you can head to the Settings of your device to tap on the “Content blocking”. The next step to do is to activate the function for all apps.

Stop Pop-Ups on Samsung Galaxy A52 Manually

Can you do this method for Samsung Galaxy A52 just to make sure that you will not see the pop-ups again? Well, it is important to do this carefully to disable the pop-ups on this device. It is the right method if your device displayed the pop-ups right after you have installed some new apps using APK files.

To start, open your gear icon Settings and then head to the applications section. After that, you will get the complete list of applications on the Samsung Galaxy A52. Check any suspicious software and then tap on it. To continue, hit the “Delete” button. This way will help you if you are 100% sure the app brings problems to your device.

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