How to Restrict Background Data on Galaxy A52

restrict background data on galaxy a52

Restrict background data on Galaxy A52 is the best action to take if you think that you have unlimited data for your phone plan but the restrictions exist. The carrier decreases the service once you have used a specific number of data. Otherwise, they will charge you fantastic prices. Most of us even set the amount of data per month. Some apps will take the … Read more

How to Show Battery Percentage On Galaxy A52

battery percentage on galaxy a52

In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to show battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy A52. We all agree that the most crucial element of the Samsung Galaxy A52 is the battery. It determines the duration of the device’s work. When you want to know the battery information, you can check out the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy A52 for example it … Read more

Stop Pop Ups On Galaxy A52 Complete Guideline

Today, we are going to share with you a full guideline to stop pop-ups on Samsung Galaxy A52. Well, sometimes you just see pop-up ads or banners with the affiliate offer. At first, it is okay for you but by the time, it keeps popping up that you cannot tolerate it anymore. Additionally, pop-ups on this device can bring a negative impact to your experience … Read more

Flashlight Brightness On Galaxy A52 Can be Adjusted by Secret Hack

flashlight brightness on galaxy a52

It makes you feel uncomfortable when you are using a torch but you do not have any idea to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A52. The torch makes it too bright or too dark. In this tutorial, you will find the complete guideline on how to adjust the brightness of the flashlight on this device. Using The Flashlight on Samsung Galaxy A52 We all know … Read more